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Scientists find energy in coffee

A headline in The Independent amused my interest a couple of days ago when I read that “Waste coffee grounds can power vehicles.” [link]

I suppose it initially amused me because I was in a cafe sipping a mug of the stuff at the time and I was tempted to enquire what the barista (the job title they put on their CV) does with the waste grounds – I watch the machine running the hot water through the grounds into each cup and then the grounds are discarded, much the same as tea.

I was further amused by my recollection of Back to the Future at the end of Part I and the beginning of Part II when Doc pulls up in the Delorian (which has been modified in the future) and refuels it with waste from a garbage can – one of the modifications is the addition of the ‘Mr Fusion’ system which is it what provides that ability.



The third thing to amuse me was my understanding of the science behind the headline, which seems to be amiss in the latest claims/findings – all stuff contains energy. From my findings 100g of instant coffee granuals contains around 63kCal [link] I don’t know the capacity of the thingymiwozit a coffee machine uses. But with all this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that a car can be made to run on used coffee grounds, in fact it has been done before [link].


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