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How to fool!

Outlook just paid me a compliment and commented on how clean my Inbox was!

Why thank you Outlook… except you are mistaken.


Clean, except for the 350 messages!

Here’s how to fool, at least momentarily:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page of your Inbox screen.
  • Click on the >| icon to flip to the last page of your Inbox.
  • Click the box that selects all messages on that page, and (assuming they’re all old messages that need discarding) delete them.

All those messages on that page (but only that page) vanish and now assumes your Inbox is empty. Ahh we all like a clean Inbox, even if it’s an illusion!

The message count at the bottom of the page confirms you still have messages, and the Page Count is all wonky… Page 11 of 10 in my case… a mathematical impossibility.


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