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I have discovered a peculiarity when including a link/hyperlink/url in an e-mail from Hotmail (Outlook)… I type in the address, such as, include a space or press return and Hotmail kindly hyperlinks it for me.

However, when the e-mail is received, instead of the actual address being http://, (as I would expect it) it becomes https:// the “s” implying that the destination is expected to be a secure one… except it might not be. Some websites work with https:// (like my example) but many don’t, and the receiptient, when they click on the link may be presented with a concerning message:


The reason for the message is because the webbrowser recognises that you try and follow a secure link, but that the destination isn’t secure, and thus shouldn’t be trusted to be secure.

I don’t know why Hotmail is creating the links in this way, but the way around it is to include the http:// yourself when you type the website address.

I have notified the Outlook team of this issue and I await their response.



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