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PayPal’s annoying login page


Ok, so this new login page has been around for a short while now, and it annoyed me from day one. At home I use the Firefox Addon Flashblock, which I probably hunted down at the same time as PayPal implemented their annoyance, but I’m at work at the moment, so I have just been annoyed once again and reminded I don’t have that addon installed, more so because I’m supposed to be logging in to change my password since Ebay got hacked and, me, being a silly sausage, uses the same password for ebay and PayPal.

If Ebay got hacked, and PayPal and Ebay are essentially the same company… how secure is PayPal I wonder?

P.S. I heard about Ebay being hacking from a fellow blogger’s post, it wasn’t until I logged in to Ebay to change my password that I saw this official message (on the password changing page!):



6 comments on “PayPal’s annoying login page

  1. Marcella Rousseau
    23 May, 2014

    Paypal is annoying, period! Oooohh, never use the same passwords! Make all your passwords difficult. Read the post I just published regarding my passwords. Hackers are just making it more and more of a pain to use the Internet. I wonder if at some point we’ll all give up on using the Internet and go back to paper mail, paper books, and face-to-face transactions!

    • Brian
      24 May, 2014

      Hackers and the internet have always, and always will, coexist – I like to think they just keep us on our toes – so unless a major attack makes a total mess of things I doubt they’ll be the reason we go back to a non-internet means of carrying out our day-to-day lives (maybe they’ll be a contributing factor if that happens)… but then I like to think I’m not too hooked on technology, I like proper books 😀

      • Marcella Rousseau
        28 May, 2014

        I like audiobooks, especially if the reader has exceptional skills and the writer is a good one. I love the Jack Reacher series. Author Lee Child, reader Dick Hill. You should try one!

  2. theone
    4 September, 2014

    About time someone dared told the truth. I was beginning to fear I was the only person annoyed hence all others brain washed to love it.

    The sad truth is man companies are going with this large background, video background, simple rectangle pastel color monkey see monkey do windows 8 facebook them. The web developers are taught this lack of free will in the schools.

    Its not just paypal by far.

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