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Firefox 28.0 and Adobe Reader XI fonts when printing

Here goes…

I have a Windows 7 machine that has Firefox and Adobe Reader XI installed. Just recently I finally upgraded Firefox from an “old” version, something like version 18 or 19 from what I recall, to version 28.0 (since Outlook, aka Hotmail, kept badgering me about using an out of date web browser every time I logged in to check my e-mail).

It seems to be from this point that I am unable to print PDFs from web pages correctly – fonts are displayed as boxes as if the font is missing, even though the documents display on screen just fine. The font is Arial, so nothing exotic.


If I download the .pdf document and then open it and print it directly from Adobe Reader (not within the webbrowser), then there is no problem. And if I use Internet Explorer to acceess the website and print the .pdf then again, no problem. So the fault seems to lie with Firefox.

I have a Windows XP machine with Firefox 28.0 and Adobe Reader XI installed and this has no problem.

Perhaps if I reinstall Firefox, or upgrade to 29.0 then that will solve my problem… except Mozilla have buggered things about since 28.0 and the tabs are all funky… oh how we lothe change!

Oh, and the spell-checker isn’t working either :/


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