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A year on WordPress

happy_anniversayWordPress informed me that I have now been blogging for a whole year, and thanked me for being a part of the site. So what has the year been like?

Well, I enjoy the simplicity of posting content. I either do this directly, or type into a ‘Word’ document (I actually use Open Office Writer) and then I copy and paste when I’m ready to publish.

It is pleasing to see the number of visitors, to receive ‘likes’ and the occasional comment and positive feedback (particularly from friends). It is also interesting to see which topics are popular. Increasingly it has been nice to see what other people have written about similar topics. However, I feel it is not important to me to let popularity dictate, direct, govern or influence what I write about (although I am sure on a subtle, and perhaps subconscious, level it does). I am a casual writer and I’m not trying to perfect a skill or trade, and I’m not using my blog alongside a commercial venture.

Before I began using WordPress I had a personal website and over the years it became more blog-like (rather than something arty-farty which is how it kind of began – an outlet for my creativity), and that was my main reason for starting an actual blog – a hobby of writing had developed before I had even realised it. To consider myself a writer, in any capacity (although certainly not professional) still remains odd to me, just as to consider myself a photographer, in any capacity, seems odd too, even though I will take photographs with an intention in mind… just like I write with intention. A topic forms in my mind and I just write about it. Because I write, I am a writer by definition.

There is a downside, for me, in receiving any sort of feedback – it makes/has made me more self-conscious about what I write, or if I write something, what I actually publish online. So while I enjoy the feedback, absorbing it and allowing it to affect me in a positive and creative way is something I must strive to do. I suppose you have to be a writer to suffer such symptoms of writer’s block!

As the subtitle of my blog indicates (just as my website had/has the same subtitle), this is my contribution to the [world wide web]. I believe this is important – making a contribution to the world (wide web or otherwise). I have always felt that the internet will only exist in a positive (and not just a commercial) form if everyone contributes in a positive manner, rather than just accessing it and using what’s there, expecting others to do the contributing/creating/uploading. (This also holds true for how we treat our planet and our world, but that is for another topic!)

In this sense I suppose I am too critical an editor of my own work. I suppose anything I write I put before myself and don a hat of a potential publishing house, and then turn away an idea or a few hours of writing and thought, with an accompanying note of reason to the effect of “it would be pointless to publish that.”

To be critical of myself in this way, I have to admit, means that I am critical of others also. Whenever anything is published on a blog (or even a social networking site), that anything is made public. When you speak publicly about a topic, that topic can form its own reality, it can bend and twist the mindset of all it befalls upon, generally only very subtly, and perhaps generally these effects are only short lived, but still there are effects and consequences nonetheless.

Empty waffle and empty comments fail to actually contribute positively and creatively to the media, although many fail to realise this in return. I refuse to ‘like’, follow, or leave unnecessary comments for the sake of receiving the above in return. Of course I will read others’ work, and ‘like’ and comment accordingly, and where appropriate.

‘Less is more’, ‘quality is better than quantity’. I think these are two points it is healthy to remain mindful of. I strive to find that balance between what I am prepared to publish and what I am not (rather than publishing anything and everything), but at the same time I am enjoying my interest in writing for the sake of writing… even if it doesn’t always find its way onto WordPress!

formatJust recently I have noticed the Format bar to the right of the Add New Post box in WordPress. It allows posters to specify what sort of post they are making: Standard, Aside (I’m not sure what that is), Image, Video, Quote, and Link. To go against the grain of my aforementioned apprehensions about what/if to post, this new addition encourages me to post any of the above – perhaps I should relax a little and just post things at the slightest of urges?! A post a day? I am not so sure.

Thank you for reading šŸ™‚


2 comments on “A year on WordPress

  1. Fiercely Yours
    30 December, 2012

    Happy Anniversary!

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